Falu Mine a World Heritage

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Take an interactive guided tour with a lot of exciting stories around the Great Pit, check out the historical buildings and explore a thousand years of history in the Mine Museum. You will get a 20% discount of ticket for Above-ground Package. Show your accreditation or a map from one of our competitions to get the discount. Read more about Falu mine: https://www.falugruva.se/en/

 Guided tour above ground

Explore Falun Mine above ground – listen to the exciting stories about the historical buildings surrounding the open cast, the Great Pit. Each building has a story to tell and our interactive guided tour will introduce you to their role in running the mine during hundreds of years. The 1.6 kilometres walk around the Great Pit is suitable for wheel chairs and strollers.

 The Mine Museum

It’s easy to dive deep into the history in the Mine Museum. Not only the history of Falun but also Sweden and Europe during centuries. The exhibition is interactive and appreciated by the whole family. Go down a mine shaft in a bucket, try a medieval battle helmet and test how geologists work. You can spend many hours in the museum and it’s a good opportunity to learn about history togheter.

 The mine area

Shaftheads, washeries and wheel houses – the historical buildings have a lot to tell and we offer daily tours included in the Above-ground Package. Take a ride on the Little Mine Train and go visit the Erikssons, a miner’s family living in the years 1897 and 1958 (June 18 – August 14 only).