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One of Sweden’s participants is Rasmus Nordgren from Falun and the organising club OK Kåre. Even though it’s only Rasmus’ second year in the senior national team, he has already gained championship merits by being part of the relay team that took a bronze medal at the European Championships in Lithuania earlier this year. Since Rasmus has cycled a lot on Lugnet, he will only be racing the middle distance and relay in Säter. Now when there are only a few days left until the World Championships starts, we asked Rasmus some questions. 

How does it feel to compete in a World Championship at home in Dalarna? – It will be really fun to race a World Championship in Sweden. It’s not often you get to race a championship in home terrain.

What’s the difference in the terrain at the European Championships in Lithuania compared to Säter and Falun? – I can mainly talk about the terrain in Falun as it’s the one I know. Compared to the European Championships in Lithuania it’s more hills and more climbing but the biggest difference I would probably say is that the speed will be lower, especially on the trails. This is because they are much more rocky. It will simply be really tough competitions, even if the courses are a little shorter than in Lithuania. 

What are your hopes for the races you will be taking part in? – I mainly just want to do two good and clean races and then we’ll see what’s enough.

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