Competition Venues

Mora By

Mora by, Säter is a small village located 40 km from the Event centre in the community of Säter. Two events will be held – middle distance and relay.
The terrain is sandy with pine trees, many tracks, heights and depressions. The Swedish MTBO Championships where held here 2016 and also quite a few national events over the years.



In conjunction with the Event Centre three events will be held – long distance, sprint and mass start. The venues will be held close to the city of Falun. The terrain is hilly with mainly pine trees, many tracks, also used for skiing in the wintertime. On the slower paths it is often rocks and roots. Big orienteering events have been held in the area and also high value MTB events.

Model Events

Two small areas will be used for the model events. These areas have been selected to illustrate rele vant terrain for the various distances. They are mapped according to ISMTBOM 2022 by the WMTBOC  mappers.  

Model “Havtrollet” for middle distance and relay 

The model map will be available at scales 1:10 000 and 1:7 500, mapped by Oskar Sandberg. This  area is 25 km from the Event Centre will it be open all day Wednesday 13th July and Thursday 14th  July. 

Model “Event Centre” for sprint, long distance and mass start 

The model map for this area will be available at scales 1:15 000, 1:10 000 and 1:5 000, mapped by  Steven Hale. This area is adjacent to the Event Centre and will be open from Wednesday 13th July to  Tuesday 19th July. 

Technical model 

Examples of control site construction (flag, control code, SI station, reserve punching station) will be  displayed on Thursday 14th July at the Event Office.


July Average 

  • Temperature 19 (16-min 27-max)
  • Rainfall 3 mm per day 
  • Sunshine 8 hrs per day