Embargoed areas

Overview of embargoad areas 

Falun – Lugnet, Hälsingberg, Jungfruberget

Falun – Lugnet, Event Centre

Säter – Mora by 

Any attempt to survey or train in the competition terrain is forbidden, unless explicitly permitted by  the organizer. The embargoed areas are out of bounds for all potential participants and team mem bers, including competitors, team leaders, coaches, doctors, and any other person who through their  knowledge of the terrain may influence the result of the competitions.  

Any permission for other access to embargoed areas must be requested, before access, from the  organizers. This includes any MTB events taking place in the embargoed areas in which potential  competitors wish to participate. The embargo includes the use of drones in or about the terrain. 

Previous maps  

Changes Since Bulletin 2 

The following changes have been made since bulletin 2: 

  1. Falun Stadspark, Falu Gruva and Djupdalarna are no longer embargoed.  
  2. Some adjustments have been made to the remaining embargoed areas, in particular in the vicini ty of the Event Centre.  
  3. There are no longer any exceptions. The embargoed areas are strictly out of bounds.